Our School

Preparation. Passion. Play.


Vancouver Young Actors School (VYAS) is the elite training school for young professional actors in Canada. We offer the most advanced form of training possible for young actors who have decided to pursue a career at the highest level.

We want to make you an informed part of your child’s team.VYAS has the information you need both on the business and creative sides of things to allow you to consistently make educated decisions regarding every part of your child’s career. We teach classic fundamentals and modern techniques for today’s evolving marketplace. In addition, we also seek to develop in our students the business savvy that allows our young artists to eliminate any ceiling on their potential. Above all, our system of measurable results in a subjective industry gives parents, teens, and kids the skills and the confidence to achieve their professional goals.

Our Competitive Advantages

There are invaluable competitive advantages to training at VYAS. Our bookings page on our website is a testament to the success of this program. Additionally, students at VYAS are privy to advantages exclusive to our students:

  • Free 1-on-1 coaching for Film & Television auditions from any of our available coaches
  • Coaching from professional working actors
  • Free casting director workshops
  • Free mentoring on every step of your business
  • Maximum class sizes of 10 students to ensure focused effective instruction
  • Train in a busy casting studio
  • All audition coaching / taping sessions at a flat rate of only $55
  • Discounts available at Biz Books (Vancouver’s #1 resource for acting materials)

Our Mission Statement

Preparation. Passion. Play.

Preparation: Opportunity is often missed because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work.

Passion: The genesis of genius.

Play: The reward we receive when the previous two steps are taken.